Cape Clear Island International Storytelling Festival

Cape Clear is Ireland’s southernmost inhabited island situated 8 miles off the coast of Baltimore in West Cork. The stunning scenery, folklore and uniqueness of the island’™s flora and fauna truly make Cape Clear a place apart.

The Cape Clear Island International Storytelling Festival is now in its 26th year, and has become one of the most renowned festivals in the world storytelling calendar. Each year we invite some of the most accomplished tellers from around the world, and also present the best Irish exponents of this most ancient of art forms to a world audience.

 2020 Performers

What Our Fans Say:

“One of my favourite festivals in the country. It’s a simple premise – you gather some of the best storytellers from around Ireland and the world, you herd them all together onto a ferry and unload them onto a painfully picturesque island off the coast of West Cork. I was surprised at how captivating and enjoyable listening to a really good seanachaí can be. There are other activities around the island and rocking sessions in the pubs at night, but it’s the storytellers and the island itself that’ll steal your heart. Everyone should go to this one at least once.”
“Each concert and workshop I attended was top standard. The weekend was fully scheduled with three main concerts, many workshops, a hike, Irish dancing, two storyswaps and several children’s events. Of course being in Ireland there was lots of unofficial activities going on at CiaranDanny Mike’s Pub.”
“The festival is a 3 day extravaganza of international renown. A great programme of story swaps, concerts, historical walks and talks are organized every year. Interested in history and nature? Join the heritage walk with Diarmuid O’Drisceoill. Want to improve your storytelling performance skills? Take part in the workshop in emotion and intuition in performance storytelling. Wondering how to entertain the kids? Take them along to children workshops. More interested in Music and dancing than storytelling? Banjo sessions and set dancing afternoons abound.”
Geraldine Whyte, Dublin Library Diva
“I have been there for two years running and felt as though I had died and gone to Heaven. We will be there this year.”
Mary Maxwell, Facebook Fan

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