Dominic Moore
Dominic MoorePuppeteer
Dominic Moore is a leading writer and puppeteer for children’s television programmes in Ireland. His writing and puppetry credits (for RTE) include: The Why Guy, Hubble, Sattitude, Wordwitch, The Swamp, The Morbegs and The Rimini Riddle. Basher Bacon’s Big Adventure was part of the Cork County Council Summer Arts Programme 2016.
Dominic invites everyone to join Basher Bacon’s team on a heroic journey through a fairytale land. Guided with wit, courage and derring-do, children will: solve the problem of how to defeat the evil Wizard and help Basher Bacon confront his odious sister Vera. Also, they will imagine the different ways to win a mighty battle with a horrible monster Teapot, and work together with Basher to gain the trust and companionship of Judy.
Garda Vetted – Cork County Council

Con O Drisceoil
Con O DrisceoilSinger Musician
Con Ó Drisceoil is a songwriter and accordion player from West Cork. With Johnny McCarthy and Pat Ahern he is a member of The Four Star Trio, a mature boy-band.
Con has written comic songs on subjects which include canine castration, Shakespearean tragedy, unwelcome percussionists and the wildlife of Clare.
In 2009 he received the Composer’s Award at Gradam Ceoil TG4.
Publications and Recordings
The Square Triangle (CD with The Four Star Trio) 1997
It’s No Secret (CD with Séamus Creagh and Hammy Hamilton) 2001
The Spoons Murder and Other Mysteries (Book/CD of comic songs) 2006
Magnetic South (CD with The Four Star Trio) 2014

Maria Gillen
Maria Gillen
Maria Gillen is very interested in what the enduring myths and legends have to offer the modern world in terms of wisdom. This year she won the Butter Road Storytelling competition in Blarney and came third in The Mick McCarthy All Ireland Storytelling competition in Finugue with a self penned traditional Irish style story.

Karen Moore
Karen Moore
Karen Moore hails from the Glens of Antrim and delights her audience with a range of folk, fairy and comical tales, enhanced by tunes on her Killarney whistle

David Jackson
David Jackson
David Jackson is a poet whose spoken word provokes an expanded awareness of reality and the cosmos, while staying grounded in the grassroots of hip hop and nature. Find his co-creations @

Philip Byrne
Philip Byrne
Philip Byrne has a great love and respect for the folklore of his native Co.Wicklow and for all Ireland. He tells stories on a regular basis at ‘An Evening of Food, Folklore & Fairies’ at the Brazen Head, Dublin’s oldest Inn. As a qualified Tourist Guide he uses his storytelling to interpret the Irish landscape for his guests. Photo by Chuck Kruger