‘Cape Clear International Storytelling Festival 2017 Interviews’

By: Noel Sweeney

Featuring: Chuck Kruger(Festival Founder), Liz Weir (Festival Committee Member), Connie Regan Blake (Festival Featured Teller 2017), Joel Ben Izzy (Festival Featured Teller 2017), and festival visitors.


A few memorable clippings…

TITLE: ‘Where the Pure Drop Flows Freely’; Chuck Kruger recalls the joys of having the world come and tell the finest stories at his fireside
DATE: Summer 2001
PUBLISHER: Chuck Kruger published in Connections (at the courtesy of the Irish Examiner)
ONE LINER: Chuck’s poetic description of experiencing the festival
TITLE: ‘There’s Something about Chléire’
DATE: 2014
PUBLISHER: Christina Park (Irish Times)
ONE LINER: A bit about the island
TITLE: ‘Global Revival of Tradition’
DATE: 2007
PUBLISHER: Kate Hayes  (Examiner)
ONE LINER: An interview with Chuck about storytelling on the island