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This year we are boldly embracing the Zoom platform, that in this past year has kept the flame alive in the storytelling world and has opened options for those who cannot attend the real festival. It offers us an exciting opportunity for this year, to leap into the virtual realm and hear stories…without leaving home!

For those of you who know and love the festival, we will be back.

For this year we have created a series of events and extended the weekend to include Thursday, and it is all live, the closest we can get to the real deal.


please note- all times UTC+1 or Irish Time

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We ask you to support us by generously donating to this year’s festival. Go on hit the DONATE button and help keep us afloat until the next festival!

These events could not have taken place without the goodwill of the Storytellers who have agreed to join us from far and wide. It will be a spectacular feast of stories. The events are mostly free, though Sunday’s events are priced.
We are grateful to the storytellers for giving of their time, and grateful to you, the audience and friends of the festival for your generous donations.

Thursday 2nd Sept| 8pm-9.30pm| Donations

Meet the MC’s: ‘A Parcel of Rogues

Fear a’ Tí [MC] Gerry Clancy

Join our festival MC’s for an evening of stories and memories of past festivals, featuring  JACK LYNCH, PAT SPEIGHT, SIMONE SCHUEMMELFEDER, PADDY O BRIEN and DIARMUID O DRISCEOIL.

Friday 3rd Sept| 8pm-9.30pm| Donations

Friday Night: ‘Tales Across the Ocean

Fear a’ Tí [MC] Jack Lynch
Former featured tellers from around the world, including LEN CABRAL, TIM TINGLE, JOEL BEN IZZY, BILL HARLEY, DOVIE THOMASON, NIALL DE BURCA , KATE CORKERY and friends.

Saturday 4th Sept| 3pm-4pm| Donations

Family Session: ‘Stories for Younger Listeners

Bean a’ Tí [MC] Simone Schuemmelfeder
Tall tales for small ears with KATE CORKERY, JACK LYNCH, PADDY O BRIEN, MICHAEL PHELAN and puppets, please bring your favourite puppet or teddy bear and friends along.

Saturday 4th Sept| 8pm-9.30pm| Donations

Saturday Night: ‘There and Back Again’

Fear a’ Tí [MC] Pat Speight
Former featured American storytellers who have joined us over the years, including ED STIVENDER, LAURA SIMMS, LYN FORD, KEVIN KLING, JOE BRENNAN, NUALA HAYES, COLUM SANDS and friends.

Sunday 5th Sept| 2pm-4.30pm| 40 | SOLD OUT

Workshop: ‘Storyteller’s Toolkit’

Fear a’ Tí [MC] Jack Lynch

As it gradually becomes more likely that we will be able to perform again in front of live audiences, festival favourite DANIEL MORDEN teaches a workshop to help you sharpen up your telling skills over a year on Zoom! 

(Strictly limited to 20 people)

Sunday 5th Sept| 8pm-9.30pm| 15 |TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE

Sunday Evening Concert: ‘Hey Dreamer’ 

Fear a’ Tí [MC] Jack Lynch

Calling all dreamers! Welsh storyteller DANIEL MORDEN and Cork legend JOHN SPILLANE share an hour of inspiring words and music. Daniel and John are no strangers to the festival, and have shared long windswept walks and fine craic on the island. Expect stories in songs, songs in stories, magic, wonder, wit, wizardry, poetry and balladry!

‘Will it be brilliant or what?