Ger Wolfe

Cork city-born and bred Ger Wolfe has spent a lifetime in love with singing and playing music. Starting on harmonica around 1976 and progressing through mandolin onto guitar and dabbling in tin whistle and fiddle he finally tuned to songwriting as a teenager. His main work is in composing his own songs, drawing on many influences, from sean-nós to old time country, gospel, jazz, Africana, reggae and rock and roll. Since the late 90’s he has released eight full albums of his own work, the latest “ Melody Bright & The Favourite Sparrow” with his band ‘The New Skylarks’. With songs like ‘The Curra Road’, ‘The Lark of Mayfield’ and ‘Summer at my feet’, prepare to be charmed.

Len Cabral

Just like so many characters in the folktales and stories from ancient times to present day, men from Cape Verde travelled the world as whalers while searching for a better future for their families. Len is a great grandson of one of those men that immigrated to America in the early 1900’s. Len has been engaging listeners of all ages with stories, songs, poetry and movement for over forty years, and believes that stories can help make the world a better place for it’s people and the environment.  He has enjoyed performing at festivals in Ireland, England, Belgium,Holland and Singapore. Len is thrilled to be back at Cape Clear.

Mara Menzies

Mara Menzies is a Kenyan/Scottish performance storyteller passionate about the power of the story. She has a well-earned reputation as a dynamic and engaging storyteller for both adult and family audiences. She shares and creates stories inspired by her mixed heritage, particularly those that resonate with audiences due to their universal messages of betrayal, hope, justice, and love. She has performed at festivals and worked with schools and organisations around the world, including most recently, the National Storytelling Festival, Tennessee, The Hans Christian Andersen Festival, Denmark, Contes et Musique, Martinique and the British Council in Colombia on Storytelling for Peacekeeping.

Hjörleifur Stefánsson

Hjörleifur Stefánsson was born in west Iceland in the middle of second hay harvest in august 1979. He is a farmer, innkeeper, carpenter and a fan of all things brewed. Hjörleifur grew up on a farm with his grandparents living a stone’s throw away on the next farm over. He was served stories of old Iceland as well as poems and songs along with his porridge for years, his grandparents being storytellers by nature. Hjörleifur has collected and shared tales for years, both with his kids, audiences and his sheep. Giants, trolls, hidden people and ghosts are his companions as well as Icelanders of the past and their traditions of song and stories.

Clare Muireann Murphy

Dublin born Clare Muireann Murphy is an international storyteller who has performed in more than 20 countries. Clare has performed at all kinds of venues and festivals from the Globe Theatre London to Fabula Festival Sweden to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. She has also had the honour of performing for the former President of Ireland Mary Robinson. She tells all kinds of tales from Irish mythology to Syrian folklore to quantum physics mixed with mythology. She is delighted to be returning to Cape Clear, where she has volunteered, mc-ed and performed.

Con “Fada” Ó Drisceoil

Con is a songwriter and accordion player from West Cork. He has written comic songs on a wide range of subjects which includes canine castration, Shakespearean tragedy, unwelcome percussionists and the wildlife of County Clare. In 2006 he published The Spoons Murder and Other Mysteries, a book and CD of his songs. In 2009 he was awarded Gradam Ceoil TG4 for his songs. His latest songbook/CD is called Hunting the Hair and Other Pursuits (2018), and tells of savage cats, anti-baldness quests, hypochondria, drunken deer and many such heroic topics.